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Institutional Profile

Accion Ciudadana Colombia AC- Corporation is a civil organization with 18 years of experience implementing outreach strategies between governmental entities and the citizens, promoting human rights, and designing and developing methodologies and pedagogies in order to exercise a good governance using innovative programs of human development in social high complexity contexts.

To develop its mission AC-Colombia carries out the following programs:

Human Rights: We work in promoting human rights of communities under vulnerability conditions, with emphasis on social, economical, and cultural rights with comprehensive, distinguishing, and transforming approaches by means of different strategies such as restitution of rights, institution and community strengthening, social action, and communication.

Peace and reconciliation culture: We promote the community reconciliation and reintegration between people disassociated from the armed conflict, victims, and recipient populations using development itself and the application of innovative methodologies in order to build peace and to rebuild social tissue, as well as strengthening processes of comprehensive rebuilding of populations of victims of the armed conflict in Colombia.

Good Governance: We work on building tools to improve efficiency of public spending, and the citizen participation and influence over programs, social projects, and public policies formulation, design, execution, and control. We also work to promote access to information and citizen control over institution management and public budgets.

Citizens and fiscal control: We design methodologies to improve quality of institutional control and accountability, involving alliances and team work among social sectors and interest groups, audited entities, and supreme audit institutions.
  • Flexibility: Our work model is flexible and adaptable to specific needs of civil organizations and public entities.

  • Innovation: Permanent generation of knowledge allows us to be at the forefront of design and application of new tools and technology.

  • Human Resources: We have a multidisciplinary work team with a wide international experience and knowledge of the political and institutional context of high technical quality and service vocation.

AC-Colombia has consolidated strategic alliances with public and private, national and international organizations. At national level, alliances with the National Secretary of Health and Social Protection, the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, ICBF in Spanish, the Colombian Presidency through the Colombian Agency for Reintegration, the Presidential Agency for the International Cooperation and the Social Action, the International Organization for Migrations IOM, the United States Agency for the International Development USAID-, and many more departments and municipalities of the country as well as Colombian community foundations, associations, and organizations.

Internationally, AC-Colombia has been working its programs with the Delegation of the European Union, the Superior Audit Tribunal of Honduras, the Central America and Caribbean Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (OCCESFS in Spanish), the World Bank, the Latin American and Caribbean Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (OLACEFS in Spanish), the Bank of International Development, the Organization of American States, OAS, the Foundation Konrad Adenauer, the Inter American Institute of Human Rights, and the Center of Electoral Consulting and Promotion, as well as, civil societies organizations of Argentina, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

AC-Colombia is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization working in the promotion and consolidation of the democracy jointly with governmental institutions, private companies, and social and community organizations in order to increase levels of governability and democratic participation of citizens in State decisions via motivation of processes of Institutional redesign, public deliberation, political impact, and comprehensive training of Institutional and social actors.


To become an organization leader in design, development, and application of "state of the art" technologies for the promotion, strengthening, and consolidation of democracy at national and international level.


Pluralism. We acknowledge the individual as a free being and different in thinking, political affiliation, ethnic group, or expression.
Efficiency. We carry out our initiatives and projects with technical and human high quality.
Independency. We work without favoring private interests of political movements or parties or power groups.
Organization Chart

Main Work Team

Dirección ejecutiva
Luis Velasquez

Luis Fernando Velásquez Leal
Executive Director
He is Specialist in Planning and Resources Managing. He has developed methodologies and pedagogies to execute good governance at local level, as well as innovative programs in the human development area in social high complexity environments. He has advised in design and execution of institutional and social strategies for strengthening citizen participation in fiscal control and accountability, sponsored by the German Agency of Technical Cooperation and the World Bank supporting the Latin American and Caribbean Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions and Central America and Caribbean Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions. He has been a member of the Ibero American Experts Net as investigator. In addition, he has written numerous academic articles and has been involved in different researches, among which include "Citizenship and Auditing: An Experience of citizen participation of institutional control of Colombia and Honduras", and "Democratization, visibility, and transparency of governmental auditing in Honduras: innovations and results of an strategic alliance among the Supreme Audit Institution, civil society organizations and audited institutions", and the "Access Index to Budgeting Information 2011: a tool to improve efficacy of public expending, access to information, and citizen control over the state budget in Colombia", among others.

Lelia Mooney

Lelia Mooney Sirotinsky
International Consultant
She is a Lawyer of the Law School at Northeastern National University in Argentina and has a Master degree in Law and Development, LLM of Warwick Law School From the United Kingdom. In addition, she has a Master degree in Law, LLM from Georgetown University, Washington D.C., United States. She is also a specialist in program development, implementation, management, and evaluation with focus on democracy, governability, and strength promotion and justice systems reform, access to justice, gender and rights for women, anti-corruption, civil society strengthening, citizen participation and public deliberation, State governed by the rule of law, and alternative resolution of conflicts in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

Cecilia del Rosario Peña
Law Consultant
She is a lawyer with a wide range of experiences in fiscal control and auditing in different modalities, as well as in promotion of citizen participation. She has competence in processes of contractual and extra-contractual civil liability inside the Colombian State, including direct reparation actions and contractual repetition and controversies filed against the nation. She also has the skill to produce guides and users manuals for internal control procedures, state contracting and law concepts.

Research and Project Management
Sandra Sanchez

Sandra Liliana Sánchez Coca
Technical Coordinator
With a degree in Economics, and experience in handling social and governmental topics, as well as, in the analysis of social and economic behavior, she has participated as a community promoter in public investment control projects and supporting population under conditions of forced displacement.

Hellman Calderon

Hellmann Calderón Cruz
Psychologist and researcher with a Master degree in Social and Educative Development from CINDE, a certification in Community Management and Social Management of Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, he was a technical coordinator of Citizen Training processes for the organization "Social Coexistence and Reconciliation" (Convivencia y Reconciliacion in Spanish) between 2009 and 2011. Currently, he is member of the Psychologists Team of the Psychosocial Assistance and Comprehensive Health program for armed conflict victims in Colombia in the Departments of Narino and Guajira.

Yolanda Rodriguez

Yolanda Rodríguez Hernandez
Technical Coordinator
She has a basic training in Law and community communication and has developed practice in guiding public administration processes involving government leaders, civil servants, and entities. She has participated in the definition of technical and methodological guidelines and has worked directly with youngsters, women, afro population, aboriginals, peasants, and citizens, in order to carry out participative diagnose, local planning, social control, social project formulation, execution, follow up, supervision, and evaluation in 28 out of 32 Departments of Colombia.

Luis Izquierdo

Luis Enrique Izquierdo Reyes
Technical Coordinator
He is a Philosopher of Universidad Javeriana and a Specialist in Cultural Management and Processes of Universidad del Rosario. He has a specific experience in the book industry, editing, and publishing at Universidad Javeriana, District Institute of Culture and Tourism, Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History, and Universidad del Rosario. During 2008 and 2009 he worked for the International Film Festival for children with the Foundation "Caleidoscopio de Sueños" and designed the itinerant Festival with the same name. He attended the Short Story Workshop, “Ciudad de Bogota” in 2010 and founded "Fundacion Politropico" which is in charge of a cultural action in literature by means of publishing the literary magazine La Perra. His short story “Los Seven suicide” was included in the anthology of stories "Arbol del Paraiso", "Narradores colombianos contemporaneous" (Coleccion los Conjurados, Bogota 2012). Some of his writings have been edited in a Literary Magazine La Perra, the magazine of the university Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, and the magazine Divaneando from the Colombian Society of Psychoanalysis. In 2012 he won the award of Cultural Journalism and Arts Critics of IDARTES.

Office of Communication, Design and Technology Management
Fray Garzon

Fray Oswaldo Garzón Panche
Communications Director
Social communicator with emphasis in organizational communication and a Specialization in Social and Community Management and specialization in Development Plan Social control, follow up, and evaluation. He is also a Communicative proposal and Project Manager on legislation and participative planning as well as generator and consultant of community and civic journalism projects.

Lina Peña

Lina Marcela Peña Rojas
A Publicist graduated at Universidad Central with expertise in audiovisual production, media, and research. She is a member of the winning team of the biding for the advertising campaign of the Film and Documentary Festival "BeeldVoorBeeld" awarded to Universidad Central 2012.

Rolan Chaparro

David Chaparro Gómez
He is a Systems Engineer from Universidad Distrital Francisco Jose de Caldas and currently acts in the capacity of web master and support for all technological processes and virtual communication.

Administrative, Legal, and financial Office
Jackeline Rocha

Jackeline Rocha Velásquez
Administrative, Legal, and financial Director.
She is a Business Administrator from La Salle University with great experience on banking and private administrative management.

National partners

Alcaldia mayor Ministerio de salud Ministerio de defensa Contraloria DPS ACR DANSOCIAL Gobernacion de Boyaca Boyaca Supersalud Superintendencia Nacional de Salud Nariño I.C.B.F. Transmilenio Universidad La Gran Colombia
International partners

GIZ GIZ OLACEFS OCCEFS IOM U.S.A.I.D. O.E.A. I.I.N. I.I.D.H. C.A.P.E.L. U.E. B.M B.I.D. K.A.S. P.M U tadeo U sorbone